guppy slim

DJ // hold tight for Easton Bump Vol 1

Bringing back the lost vibe. Duke helping out too.



E-Merge - I Need Your Loving (Kingsley O Master Dub)

Deep Cover - Kick Em (Extra Large Mix)

Control Phreaks - You Know That

DJ $ki - I Need You (98 Dub)

Scott Garcia - Magic’s Gone

Bump & Flex - Long Time Coming

MJ Cole - Talk To Me

Michael King - Get Up On This

Ronaldo - Good With The Bad (Todd’s Blue Edit)

Groove Skool - Nobody Knows Me

Juliet Harding - The Future Story (New London Alliance Mix 1)

Anthill Mob - You Should Have Known (Todd’s You Should Have Vocalised Dub)

Another Level - Be Alone No More (Dub Monsters Remix)

DJ Disciple - Don’t Shut Me Out (City High Mix)

Deep Cover - I Could Be Ready

Lady Penelope & Abstrac - Let It Go (Mystery Mix)

Partners In Crime - Deeper Groove

Operator & Baffled - Things Are Never (Dub)

DJ Deano & Bruce B - Payback Is A Bitch

North Side Movers - No Change Given

Mitchell C - Take Me Higher

DJ Feel Free - Underground Fever

Sugar Beetz - I Really Want You

FRD Productions - Unknown

Remi - Talk About It (Steve Gurley Dub)

Chocolate City - Working

Sovereign - Rely Remix

Sketch - Soultronix Remix

Goldie - Believe (Groove Chronicles Remix)

El-B - Beautiful Sounds

DJ $ki - Sleepless

Mecanno Vol 1 - In And Out Of My Life

Todd Edwards - Can’t You Believe

RB Brothers - I Like Your Thing

Yardley - Hang Da Groove

Steve Gurley - Show Me

Industry Standard - Nothing Like A Saturday

Unknown - Hero

DJ Deller - Romantic Call

This week’s garage re-up

This week’s garage re-up



Clevedon pier

Clevedon pier



Vibes at Star & Garter

Vibes at Star & Garter



Best ever dj name ive seen on vinyl

Best ever dj name ive seen on vinyl

Big up dnr

Big up dnr

Big up Gowornfish

Big up Gowornfish